Thursday, January 5, 2012

Grandma Groth

Yeah, just call me Grandma Groth.  Why?  I am making attempting a quilt.  Up until very recently, I would not have thought twice about a quilt.  Not even considered trying to make one (or even buy one for that matter).  However, as I age grow wiser, I am finding that I am starting to appreciate and like a whole world of things I have never thought I would be in to.  Also, I have truly been inspired by other hip, young mamas out there who are just so damned crafty.  I am jealous of their talents and their creations.  Such as this one here.

In typical Tara fashion, I told myself, "don't just sit there and be jealous of their talents, teach yourself how to do it."  Because, in my own head, I really can do anything (slightly delusional?).  If I can't find a book around with the instructions I need, I just head to the next best thing, Google.  So Google and I are going to attempt this quilt thing.

I had a bunch of fabric fat quarters as I would occasionally buy them when I saw some I liked in the fabric store.  So I (and Google) decided to go get a rotary cutting tool, ruler and cutting mat. And I started cutting away.

I am using 4 1/2" squares.  Google and I looked up lots of potential patterns but I decided we would just do your standard patchwork squares for this one.  Obviously, I am not a fabric hoarder so I did have to order some fabric online.  And let me tell you, it is awesome getting fabric delivered to your door!  Anyway, the fabric in the above pics is the stuff I ordered.  What you see below is the fabric I already had that I cut and sewed into strips before I even got the above fabric.

Yes, there are lots of different patterns and colors but I love all of them and I wanted the quilt to be lively.

So there you have it so far.  I hope to have a decent final product to show you soon.

Also, don't you think January is the best month to make a quilt?  It is just asking for something cozy.

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Andria said...

Fabric mail is the best kind of mail! Good for you for diving in!!