Thursday, July 26, 2012

20 Month Baby

Dear Sullivan,

Tomorrow you will 20 months old! Inching closer to 2 every single day.  Tearing, ripping and demanding your independence from your parents any chance you get.  But then, 20 minutes later, needing to be close and snuggled in my arms.

You have started talking in phrases.  Phrases like, "tractor na-night", "my B", "kitty meow" and "big cars."

Surprising us every single day with how smart and sassy you are.

You finally don't think time outs are so funny.  They are very effective at the moment.

Time marches on.  And so do you.

Such a privilege it has been to watch you grow.  But also watch some things stay the same.

Your belly laugh and the way your mouth forms into an "o" when you are really concentrating on something.  These are the same since you were only a few months old.  Two of my favorite things about you.


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