Saturday, July 7, 2012

Lake House, final installment

 And what is a vacation near the Dells without and old time pic??  Yes, we forced the children to dress up and get pics taken.  Jens was embarrassed the entire time, Ava went along with it as long as she got to wear a sparkly dress, Sully cried the whole time and Sean was surprised, shocked and knew it was just plain wrong to be holding a gun in front of his mother.

Possibly pointing a finger gun at his head.

That night there was a brief fishing trip and then a heated game of Risk.

We spent much of our time watching the cousins interact and keeping the toddlers occupied.  There was lots of book reading, coloring, toddler racing and a fair amount of (family) napping.  Sprinkled in among these activities were many games of Apples to Apples, NFL Franchise, Life, fishing off the dock, eating unhealthy amounts of delicious food, drinking pitchers of Diane's Sangria and more trips to the beach and Costa Rickys.

Papa and his youngest grand-babies.

Jens likes to put his sunglasses and hat on the toddlers.

Ava pretending she does not want her pic taken.

Oh, and I forgot to mention the finger knitting.  Real quote from the weekend from a 13 year-old boy, "Remember when I was obsessed with finger knitting when I was 8?"  No, Jens, I don't remember such a thing.  So there was much finger knitting to cover "all of your ropin' needs."  It also led to an addition of a make your own Apples to Apples finger knitting card.

There was also some toddler bowling which was really just drumming with bowling pins per Sean and using a bowling pin to hit the bowling ball per Sully.

Our last day there was the 4th, although the others were there for another day or so.  Of course, I had to force the family to get a group pic.  They were all thrilled.

And then some silly shots...

 Jealous of that shirt?  Yeah, the hubs is super patriotic.

And finally, the 4th of July desert that was so delicious, I could not get a pic before some one dug in.

Thanks Snug Harbor, you were real.

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