Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Lake House

Sully had his first vacation and he LOVED it!!!!  My FIL so generously rented a lake house for all of us to get together and drink spend quality time together.  It was fantastic!  Here are some pics...

So the very first thing to happen was the pool table (in the 1970s (awesome) game room) got jammed so the guys had to tilt the whole table to get a rogue pool ball out that should not have been there.

Hilary celebrating the success!

And the games begin...

Sean sees dead people.

Check out this sweet outdoor, built-in grill.

 Now what are these two up to????

Ah, yes.  They found a small  patch of sand and went to town.

April and Clayton rounding up the dirt monsters.

Crayons and coloring books turned out to be a major hit.  I am pretty sure Sully is a lefty.

There was a whole lot of book reading...

Finally, there was lots of bed jumping and tornado-ing before night-night.

And that was just the first day!  (Don't worry, I cut down my picture documentation significantly as the days went on).  Stay tuned for the rest of Sully's first vacation in subsequent posts.

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