Thursday, July 5, 2012

Lake House cont.

The next day, we went to the cutest little beach nearby.  But beyond the fact that it was nice and shallow, there was not too many people there, some shade trees were available, was the fact that there was Costa Rickys.  I actually don't know if they sold any food but you could buy cans of beer (PBR or Shandy) or mixed drinks such as (super strong) Mai Tais or bloody Marys.  And when you ask the bartender if you can drink them on the beach or in the water, they look at you like you must not be from WI, more specifically, Adams-Friendship, WI.

Here we are getting ready to go.  Sully loves his cousins and I thought this was too cute.

Jens and Diane.

Yes, Hilary does have 2 drinks.

All that beaching makes little boys hungry!

More cousin time.

April, the reader.

Ok, this post is also getting too long so there will be yet another post encompassing the last few days of the Lake House vacation.  Stay tuned!

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