Sunday, July 22, 2012

Weekend Friends

We have had busy weekends the past few weeks and will have another busy one next weekend.  We have been really enjoying spending time with our adult friends and their kids.  Weekend visits start much earlier now and we can't stay up as late as we used to, somehow 9 pm feels like 3 am when you get up at 5:30 am after go-go-going all day and trying to not only keep toddlers alive but also entertained and fed something other than chips.

Last weekend we got to visit the newest member or our growing clan, Baby Charlotte.

To say that she was the best behaved child all weekend is an understatement.  The other two tots took turns fighting over toys and throwing relentless tantrums about completely ridiculous expectations and demands including being upset about how too wet and sticky dip is on a chip or how when you say you don't want the rest of  a particular juice box which then gets thrown away but then decide it is the only juice box you want and it is irretrievable as it was disposed of in a public park trash bin.

This weekend we spent more time toddler refereeing between our son and Lucy when the Charnos came to town.  The slip n slide was a uniting force though...

 Cutest little ruffle butt.

Can you tell that is her daughter?

On Saturday, we all headed to the zoo.


 Waiting for the choo choo.

Mad penguins.

And some other random pics from the weekend...

Saturday evening we had a cook out with even more friends and babies.  It was great.  I am always a little taken aback though that we are so grown up.  That we are the parents.  It will never stop being surreal to me.

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