Monday, November 19, 2012

33 years, 33 things

Holy cow, I am 33!  How is that even possible?  So in honor of the event, 33 things about me....

1.  I LOVE coffee!

2.  Every time I buy bread, I have to make sure to make a sandwich with the end piece.  I love that piece!

3.  I just finished my fall/winter quilt and LOVE it!

4.  I very much value someone who can find a solution instead of just complaining about something.  I don't think complaining has ever solved a problem.

5.  I am a napper.  I could take a 3 hour nap everyday.

6.  I am a Twihard, Team Edward.

7.  I don't like to ride the hype, hence my Twihard phase 4 years after the fact.

8.  I am drawn to horror.  I can't help it, I am like a moth to a flame.  Hence my career/job choices- Wound nurse practitioner, Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner, ICU nurse.

9.  I love to craft/sew/quilt and now knit but I am lazy about it so I probably don't really do any of it the "right" way.

10.  I watch waaaaaay too much tv.

11.  I am a very loyal person, possibly to a fault.

12.  I really, really, really want Sully to have a sibling...someday.

13.  I think it is completely ridiculous that I can write a work note for a patient and their employer actually accepts it.

14.  I am pretty sure my son has too many teeth.

15.  I do NOT like country music, but pretty much everything else is fine.

16.  I wish I could wear leggings and boots or tights and boots everyday.

17.  I hate scrubs.

18.  I am a birthday "Rain Man".  I will never forget your birthday if you tell me and sometimes after knowing you, I can guess the month you were born.

19.  I like lots of books in my house, makes it feel cozy.

20.  I love Christmas music.

21.  I only vacuum and do laundry once a week.

22.  I feel guilty when I take a day off of work.

23.  I tend to hoard cleaning and bathroom supplies.  I don't ever want to be caught "out" of anything.

24.  My natural hair color is a very ugly dirty blonde.  As a result, I get my hair colored every 9-11 weeks.

25.  My hair is naturally wavy but not a uniform wave so I spend lots of time combating that.

26.  I am terribly competitive but don't want anyone to know that.

27.  I am prone to exaggeration and over-reaction.

28.  I think my parents and my brother are really amazing people and feel so lucky that they are my family.

29.  My husband and I are middle school sweethearts.

30.  I absolutely love Las Vegas.

31.  I have a slightly obsessive personality.

32.  I don't like the taste of meat and I can only eat meat if it is smothered in some delicious sauce.

33.  I love fruit snacks.

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