Saturday, November 3, 2012

Edward Scissorhands, throat surgeon

I have been MIA for a good reason lately.  Edward Scissorhands got at my throat.  It was no accident.  It was a planned procedure.  A tonsillectomy in a 32 year old person.  They had become the epicenter of all my sickness.  They had holes and secret crypts in them where I am pretty sure I had a few tonsil stones that had hardened into diamonds at some point.  Additionally, I had a chronic low grade tonsillitis that sucked my energy over the past 2 years.  I was ready for my appointment with Surgeon Scissorhands.

Of course, I spent the entire night before reading horror story after horror story regarding tonsillectomies in adults.  It was almost enough to make me back out, almost.  I didn't.  The Midazolam was a glorious as I remembered from a previous surgery 8 years ago. Really a nice way to go into surgery.

I am currently post op day 6 and I still feel like Surgeon Scissorhands was just in there yesterday.  The first 2 days are smooth sailing but then post op day 3 happens and you can no longer get out of bed as on top of the razor throat, you now have what feel like bilateral ear infections and a migraine to boot.  I literally spent 3 full days in bed, taking liquid percocet on a 2 hour schedule.  I am now on a 3-4 hour schedule because the liquid percocet is literally making me sick to my stomach.  But as a bonus, I lost 5 lbs!!

The hubs dragged me out of the house today for a cancer benefit for a little guy at Sully's daycare.  It is pretty amazing how people come together for kids with cancer.  Afterward, I had to take a full dose of pain medicine and a 2 hour nap.  I was determined to do more with my day though.  I dragged the family to that train track I spotted this summer for some family pics (Sully at 2 and Christmas card pics).  I should have known the mission was going to be a bust when we heard a gun shot and then something whizzed past my head.  Not to be deterred by gun fire (it was in the middle of Cottage Grove for Christsake!), I forced the family to trudge on and told Clayton he was imagining things (but for the record, I clearly heard the whizzing too).

We did get a few good shots in between toddler crying, making Craisin advertisements and yelling at my husband for having "no vision."

In the end, it just is not worth my sanity to have to take these pics on my tripod with timer.  Therefore, if there is a fellow amateur photographer in the Madison area who would like to trade off picture taking with each other a few times a year, I am so game for that.  I will even make you a cute camera strap cover.

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