Thursday, November 22, 2012


I am thankful for way too many things to list this Thanksgiving.  This year, I tried to be more grateful for so many things, people and experiences in my life on more of a daily basis, not just today.

And guess what, this year has been the best yet.

Just when I think life is at its peak, the pinnacle, can't possibly get any does.  But not because we won the lottery or took a trip to Europe or welcomed a new family member or (fill in your own adventure/wish/desire here).

Its because life's good moments also come with life's hard moments.  Moments when we are not in control, where we do things we are not so proud of.  Moments that make you ask the big questions that there are no easy answers. Moments when you feel annoyed with the everyday or just plain burned out.

Why would that make life better?  Because it forces you to learn and grow and prioritize.  To learn forgiveness, compassion and empathy.  It makes you recognize the "good" times and allows for all the "good" feelings that come with those times.

So I guess I am kind of listing what I am thankful for, the struggle, the in between that sometimes seems very insignificant but isn't.

That, and I would also like to add those holiday coffee commercials where the big brother comes home from college? overseas? to find the little sister waiting for him with coffee made and she tells him that he is her present and the parents are sitting around the corner in their robes watching the whole thing- gets me every time!

Anyway, I hope today finds you in one of those "good" times, but if it doesn't, it's an opportunity to learn and grow.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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