Sunday, November 25, 2012

Party People

Caution:  You are entering a picture heavy post!

Today we celebrated Sully turning 2 with lots of friends and family, cars and mustaches.

It was your standard cars/trucks/bikes/automobile and mustache party.

Everyone enjoyed the mustache portion...

whether it was the straw 'staches

...or the stick on 'staches

Serious parents.

Present time:

Teepee from Gama and Papa.

Opening all those presents makes you hungry.  After we ate, we attempted to break the pinata.

After lots and lots of whacks with the bat and Chuck-it and a punch and drop kick from Jens, we resorted to Jens just ripping it open and dumping out the goodies.

It was about now when a 2 year old gets way over stimulated and starts melting.  But the show must go on.  Cue the singing, cake and ice cream!

By this point, why not force a cousin pic?

And the obligatory family pic.

After that, everyone pretty much ran out of the house and I don't blame them.  Once the crowd had gone and Sully settled down, he played with every single new toy and we read every single new book.

 Life is so much better for him when he is sans pants.

Thank you all for coming and celebrating this boy's life (even if he is super sassy and only wants his Mama to hold him).  You will never know how it makes my heart smile when so many other people show so much love to my boy.

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