Wednesday, November 7, 2012

'Round here

Yep, we got a sick little boy here.  It is the first mystery fever he has had.  By mystery, I mean he is not teething, doesn't have a cough, isn't particularly stuffy, has no rash, no diarrhea and is not tugging at his ears.  I know because I watched him like a hawk today and yesterday.  

(I know what you are thinking, "but aren't you still recovering that awful adult tonsillectomy recovery?!?  How can you possibly take care of a sick toddler too??"  Luckily, I do feel somewhat better, like maybe 60% of my "normal" so that helps.  You may not think this seems that good but when I was about 15% for 3-4 days, 60% is fantastic.  I am still not eating much.  Anytime I eat, I get severe razor blade throat and it is nearly unbearable.  So I usually eat once a day, something sort of soft, hopefully with some protein to really make it count.  It is usually at dinner time.  So the rest of the day is fluids and italian ice (thanks Angie!).  Yeah, I am starving.)

So Mister Man had a fever at daycare yesterday and I was called to pick him up.  I had him at home with me today and he was doing pretty good until about 5 pm when he spiked a temp of 102.6!  What?!?  I could see it all in his poor little eyes:(  He didn't eat much for food today but did have some PB&J for lunch. I thought I was going to have to count the jelly as his fruit for the day but he rebounded after a bath and some meds so he actually did get a real fruit today.

Now he is struggling to go to bed and my heart is breaking for him.  I think I will go rock him.

Oh, and look what arrived in the mail today!  Birthday invites!!!

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