Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Birthday Boy

Growing up, my parents always made a big deal about birthdays.  I know that some families don't, but mine did.  There was always a party (sometimes big, sometimes small), a cake, presents, the whole works.  It was a day that you were made to feel special, out of all the other days of the year when you may not feel special.

After having Sully, the events, feelings, trauma of the day still ingrained in my cells and playing on a projector in the back of my mind, I don't know how you could not make a big deal out of your child's birthday.  It was the most significant, horrifying, magical day of my entire life (of course my wedding day is right up there in significance, not horror, but I am going to give Sully's birth first place today).

And what has followed, times of pure joy and awe and love that I have never known before right along times of frustration and pain and feeling overwhelmed.

It is all significant because it adds up to now.  

I would spill some more of my guts but I hear my birthday boy over the monitor stirring...and we have some celebrating to do.

Happy birthday Sullivan James.  We love you more than you can ever know.

"And I will never be the same because we met."  -Brandi Carlisle

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