Monday, November 5, 2012

Birthday Month

Whoopsies- Sorry Hil, I blame that second added "l" on my drug induced state.

It is already 5 days into our birthday month!  How did this happen?  Oh yeah, I have been drugged, in pain and sleeping as much as possible.  It is a good thing I have been preparing the decorations for months now.  I decided to go with the ever popular cars/trucks/trains/buses/airplanes and mustache combo theme.  Because, lets be honest, sometimes more is better, right?  My goal it to make it look cute and great and not spend much money (daycare takes all that from us).

The first thing I made several months ago was this easy and fun bunting banner.  I incorporated both the mustache and automotive themes here along with some red ribbon that cost a $1.  I strung the bunting flags on some twine I already had.  The bunting flags are made from craft paper.

I even had some left over to put over the table.  For the centerpiece, I put some cars and tractors in some glass candle holders I already had and put some tea lights in them.  I then put his train track around the candles with his train on them, for free!

Then, on the "fireplace mantle" I put some recent pics up of the boy during his fun stay at Gamma and Papa's house this September.  Then I put a vintage FP train on the mantle and a milk glass bowl of mustaches.  Done.

I got a pack of 4 of them for $1 in the Target dollar bins a few months ago.

Over the buffet is my beloved mirror.  I adorned it with a quick and easy wreath that I made this fall.  I used this tutorial.  Originally, I too had some leaves and felt flowers but I thought, what the heck, why not make a "Sully turns 2 wreath".  I LOVE it!  I picked up a few of the red cars from Hobby lobby for less than a $1 each.  Then I used some craft paper and a picture I already had and hung it with more red ribbon.  Crazy easy and super cute.  I have a mustache I will be adding to this as well.


My SIL bought me this great mustache Duct tape so I made a quick bunting sign for over the drink area.  I used the twine I already had and painted "wet your whistle" on the front.  I plan on going over this with some black marker to make it stand out more.  I will also add some craft paper to the backs of these for more weight and to create a more finished look.  Sometimes things don't exactly turn out how you envisioned them too.  That's ok, no need to trash it, just adjust it!


These will also be at the drink station.  I saw some of these on Etsy and knew I could make my own with craft paper, straws and my "Crustache" mold I also got from my SIL.

Something like this may or may not make it into the decor.  I will obviously need to add more vehicles (and clean the fingerprints off of it) but the kid needs something to play with this next 3 weeks before the party.

I have lots of other plans that are coming together!  Can't wait to share more with you soon!

Ps- Happy birthday, Dave (I think it is today)!

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