Saturday, December 17, 2011

Magic of Christmas

Today starts the first of several Christmas celebrations this year.  We will be headed to MoTown for Christmas with my mom's family today and we will be taking Sully to the waterpark at the Lodge.  He is going to just love it, can't wait! 

Now, I am aware that Sully is not "getting" the whole Santa thing and probably won't until he is a few years older.  But that is not going to stop me from pretending he does and going through all the rituals of Christmas.  I tell Sully all the time about Santa.  We inherited a Santa reciting part of the Night Before Christmas from his great-grandma Neva.  Here he is...

My Santa, what a nice beard you have...

Would you like a few bites of my Werewolf block?  Look at that little sweetie, sharing already!

There really are only so many years where Christmas is magical and so very special, through the eyes of a child.  I am soaking it up.  I have waited so long to experience the magic of Chrismas again and it is wonderful! 

So we will be leaving cookies and milk out on Christmas eve.
We will be waking up to gifts from Santa for the whole family on Christmas day.
And it will be just a little magical...

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