Monday, December 12, 2011


I tell ya, some weeks I am so on my game. When I am on my game, stay-at-home-mom Monday goes great, I make dinner at least 3 nights that week, the house is pretty clean and I even get some projects done.

Exhibit 1:

cookie baking

Exhibit 2:

This would be a pic of the house warming present/art I made the Shagers but since they have not seen it yet, you will have to wait.


A happy boy playing independently for 15-20 minute stretches of time=me getting some stuff done!

Exhibit 4:

This would be the tacos I made tonight and the chicken curry crock pot meal I made up to make for tomorrow.

Yup, feeling pretty good about myself right about now.  I will try not to break my arm as I pat myself on the back.  It is going to be a good week...

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