Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mod Podge

If you have not heard of this product or used it, go get some now.  For reals.

I makes any crafting project infinitely better, less DIY-y.

Here is the house warming gift I crafted for the Shagers.  I took some close up pics of some of the unique features of their new house and Mod Podged them together onto a piece of cardboard.  Then I placed that in a frame and actually Mod Podged the glass/plastic that came with the frame so it looks more like a canvas than a picture just stuck in a frame. (I think this project would have turned out a bit better with my new lens)

Have you ever gotten a present with the most fantastic wrapping paper that you could not throw the wrapping paper away?  Me too.  Just yesterday, even! 

I took the paper, Mod Podged it to a canvas and then Mod Podged over it and stuck it in a frame.  Instant winter art. 

So easy!

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