Monday, October 3, 2011


I don't know why but I have been all about the bunting banners lately.  I think it is the fact that they are so simple and so classic.  If you don't like the typical fall decorations or colors but still want to do something festive for the season, a bunting banner is perfect.  I made this one out of some leftover yarn and crafting paper I had laying around.

I even made a little one for the boy's highchair to put up for his first birthday.  This one is made of yarn and felt (I know, felt is kind of gross but it looks good).

They are so easy and versatile, anyone can do it for any occasion.  You can save them and reuse them year after year, like I plan to do with the big one I am making for Sully's first b-day party or throw them away and start fresh next year.  They can cost next to nothing and would be a great craft to do with kids. 

Happy bunting!

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