Thursday, October 27, 2011


Dear Sullivan,

Today, you are 11 months old!  Holy cow, you almost have a whole year under your belt!  Lets see, what new things are you doing now...

Your favorite word to say is Uh-Oh.  You say it morning, noon and night.  To everything.  Your second favorite word it Dada.  Then Mama.  Then ball.

You HATE having your teeth brushed but I force it on you anyway.  Trust me, someday you will thank me.

Your personality seems too big for your little body sometimes.  You are constantly testing limits and you are so very nosy (just like your Mama). 

You speed crawl when you see something you want.  I love picking you up after work as I am always greeted with a smile and a speed crawl.

You are very good at walking around furniture but you have yet to take a step without taking a digger. 

You are a master at going up the stairs...but not going down them.

Some days you will suddenly decide you hate to eat things you normally love- applesauce, puffs, chicken and apples.

Your bedtime is a consistent 6:45 pm.  You are sleeping a bit later in the mornings now (around 7 am).  You still get up once for a bottle at night.

Still working on that sippy cup and the solid food.  Some days are good, other days you want nothing to do with either.

No more formula for you!  You are drinking real milk but you are very offended if it is cold so we have to heat it up or you will thrash and push it away and refuse to drink it.

You must, must, must sleep and nap with 2 blankies.

I dressed you up for daycare today since you will not be there tomorrow or Monday.  You didn't even care that you were the only one in costume!  Such an easy going boy!

Happy 11 months my little frogger!

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