Sunday, October 16, 2011


We had what you might call an "unwanted guest" at our house today.  Actually, he has been here for awhile but Sully didn't know it.  He goes by Dino and we inherited him from Clayton's grandma, Neva.

Unbelievably, he got ahold of Sully's keys.

Sully felt pretty helpless.  All he could do was watch from a safe distance.

And you would not even believe what Dino got next...

That's right, his bottle.  Sully could hardly look.

I had never seen him react to something like that before.  He has NEVER been afraid of anything before.  He didn't cry but he would climb all over his Daddy or Mama when we would press the button, making Dino sing and move and he certainly would not go over and take his keys or bottle away from Dino.  Of course, the hubs and I were giggling like kids at this whole situation.  Makes me wonder how he will act when he meets Santa Claus...

Come on BREW CREW!!!!!!

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