Monday, October 10, 2011

Pumpkin bust

It happens, a lot actually.  When I take on a project or think of something neat to try and it just doesn't pan out.  Here is my latest one.  It involves chalk board paint and pumpkins.  I love chalk board paint and I love pumpkins, so why not put them together?  I got some decent sized pumpkins and cut out some stencils to place on them.  Here is where the project started to go awry.  The stencils would not stick to the pumpkins with my adhesive spray so I just had to hold them in place.  Then, the edges of the stencil were not long enough and some of the paint got outside of the stencil, onto the pumpkins.  See below.

I put two coats of the paint on, as that is the protocol for anything that you use chalk board paint on.  I let them sit over night.  My next step was to draw on the pumpkins with chalk.  Again, another difficulty arose.  If I pressed too hard with the chalk, it chipped the paint off the pumpkins so I had to be really careful with the chalk.  I did eventally get my BOO and spiderweb finished but I think in the future, I will skip the chalk board paint and chalk and just use black and white paint.

At least I got a pic on this cute little bug that has been hanging around my house for the past 10 1/2 months...

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