Saturday, October 22, 2011


I am very green at this whole photography thing.  I am just learning how to use my camera off of the auto setting.  I am also learning just how expensive this photography hobby can be!  My next two wants:  50 mm lens and an external flash, both cost a nice chunk of change.  However, until I can save enough for these items, I am doing some Photoshop and Picassa photo editing.  These are only the free versions that I am using as I don't want to have to spend hours editing my photos and I would like to trial some editing programs before I actually invest in one.

I took these pictures a few days ago and edited them in Picassa.

It was an absolutely beautiful fall day today so I decided to capture some pics of my favoritest subject outside, without my flash.

(I did not edit this one, above, at all)

There are two different versions of the next photo.

Again, I used Picassa to edit these.  I know I have a lot yet to learn but it is fun learning something totally new to me.  Have a fantastic Saturday, Go Badgers!!!

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Abdria said...

They're looking good Tara!