Sunday, October 2, 2011

Pumpkin patch

Today was the day I have dreamt about for YEARS!  I got to take my child to the Pumpkin patch!!!!  We went to Schuster's Farm near Deerfield with most of the hubs family.  Unfortunately, the boy was having a rough day and a bit crabby but we still got some cute pics;)

The flat white pumpkin is my fav.

Adorable pouty face:)

Where's the baby?

Cousin Sean and Auntie Hilary in the cornmaze.

Lost in the cornmaze.

Obligatory cousin photo.

Sully and Daddy.

Sully and Mama.

After the pumpkin patch, we all headed to our house for the Brewer playoff game (WIN-yay!) and Wisconsin vs Nebraska (WIN-yay!) game later that day.  There seems to be a rivalry amongst family members, this should be fun in the coming years...

And finally, besides Dada and Mama, Sully's newest word is Uh-Oh.  Too cute.  Have a great Sunday!


Kaiti Bohacek said...

glad you had fun at the pumpkin patch! I want to go too!!

em said...

Okay so I just had to pop on and say hello. I followed your link from "Making it Lovely" when I saw "Madison". I went to school there, my husband is from nearby, and we are headed to the Schuster pumpkin patch next weekend. :) Great photos! Your son is adorable. Okay sorry is kind of stalkerish! ;)


Mama Bird said...

Haha! Have fun at the pumpkin patch! It is a great place for pics!