Thursday, October 20, 2011


I know, enough about me and Sully, right?  Sorry, I vowed I would not be that parent that constantly talked about how great my kid is or whipped out a brag book or a slew of pics on my cell phone on a daily basis but I was unaware of the effects a baby would have on a mostly normal person.  I simply did not know that your brain and being changes.  It must be partly some kind of lasting damage from the lack of sleep or hormone shifts that cause this change.  Or maybe it is some psychological assault from the mere experience of labor and delivery.  I don't know, but something happens.

Suddenly, a baby's cry is not simply an ear-piercing annoyance but a need to be met.

Your dog, who you thought you loved more than life itself and you would surely die if something happened to her, immediately takes a backseat to this new, tiny passenger.  And you forget all about her outside on a hot day until your neighbor has to ring your doorbell to tell you she thinks your dog is "thirsty."

Now you are a part of the "parent club".  All of a sudden, you can relate to every single other parent on the planet that has a baby your baby's age and you could talk to them forever about your current daily routine.

Not everything is so black and white and there are more shades of grey than I thought, and more shadows.

Vacations don't seem so appealing at the moment as it is hard to peel yourself away from this new little being.

And just like that, your husband is a father.

And you find him wrapping your baby up in a towel after bathing him saying cute things like, "We gotta wrap you up like a bundle of joy"...

And you find your baby having the same humor and facial expressions as your husband...

And you see how gentle he is with your most precious cargo...

And everything is different, better, the way it should be.


Mrs. Still Waiting for a grandchild Overgaard:) said...

Who ever thought that tough, cute little hockey player would turn out to be such a special "mushy" mom....What a beautiful post Tara!!

Susie said...

I am dabbing at my tears of pride in you and Clayton. Love you.