Tuesday, October 18, 2011


One of the blogs I follow had a post about friends...and it got me thinking. 

I have been fortunate enough to have several long-term friendships.  It is fantastic to have made friends with such wonderful people so early in my life.  It really has been fun to share my life with them and I am truly grateful for their support and laughter when I needed it. 

But friendships are not a given.  They don't exist just because you want them to.  It takes work and compromise and persistance because we all change as we grow. 

Some friendships are easier than others, probably because both people are putting effort into the friendship.
Some friendships are hot and cold depending on life's circumstance.
Some friendships are brief.
Some friendships are forged under a common experience.
Some friendships simply fade.

But they are all necessary and needed.  They all lift you up, fill a need, give you support, teach you something, allow you to be you, make you feel connected and validated.

Unfortunately, our friendships are usually the first to give way as life gets busy.  Somehow time gets away from us and we find ourselves not keeping up our end of the bargain.  I think this is inevitable at certain times in our life.  Life is hectic, energy wanes, days seem to get shorter and days melt into weeks which melt into months which melt into years. 

However, when things settle down and you find yourself having "friend time" available, you may be able to pick up with some of those old friends (along with some new ones you pick up along the way) that will understand that life happens.  And they will be there to support you and give you a laugh or whatever you may need at the time.

Thank you to all my friends, old and new.  I need you and I appreciate you.

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Kaiti said...

I read that post too ! Thanks for being my friend!